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DigiTool Watchman Clock is a computerized guard tour management system which significantly reduces the amount of time spent documenting routine information and completely eliminates handwritten reports and increases productivity. Security officers use portable data collection devices to document all security checkpoints visited. The date, time and location of each checkpoint is recorded simply by or touching a metal location tag. All incidents encountered are logged instantly. Detailed reports are generated showing all tour and incident activities during a shift.

DigiTool Watchman Clock software is easy to use. Officer information, checkpoint locations, and incidents are entered quickly and easily. Reports can be printed immediately upon transmission of data from each officer's collection device. This means officers will not need to access the software program to download their daily activities.

DigiTool Watchman Clock meet strict guidelines for durability, dependability, and ease of use. All systems come with a warranty.


- Reduces liability
- Increases officer productivity
- Ensures all checkpoints are visited
- Documents incidents in the field
- Generates valuable reports on all activities

3 Simple Steps

1. Quick & Easy Setup
All Security checkpoints are entered into your computer database. "Pick lists" make data entry quick and easy. Location touch tags are placed at each checkpoint. Thousands of locations can be monitored.

2. Automated Officer/Guard Tours
With a hand-held data collection device, officers simply scan a bar code or touch tag to document all security inspections and activities completed. 

3. Rapid Report Generation
To download the route information after a tour is completed, officers place their reader into the charger/transmitter, and the collected data downloads from the reader to the computer. The downloaded information updates the computer files and maintains them as part of a historical database. Reports can be printed at any time.

The reporting capabilities of DigiTool Watchman Clock are unmatched. You can send reports to a printer, view them on your computer screen, or export them to a wide variety of other software programs.

DigiTool Watchman Clock gives you the management tools you need. For example, you can run a report in seconds showing how many incidents have occurred in one specific location, or how many incidents a specific officer has reported during the last 6 months. DigiTool Watchman Clock helps you analyze trends, monitor productivity, and track incidents. You set the parameters and DigiTool Watchman Clock generates the reports.

Based on Time Savings

Saves Time in Documentation
By simply touching a location tag, officers document all information that was previously logged manually. DigiTool Watchman Clock frees your officers from filling out countless reports-- allowing them to spend more time guarding your facility.

Eliminates Data Entry
Information goes from the officer's reader directly to your computer, eliminating the need for data entry. Historical files on incidents that occurred days, weeks, months, or even years prior can be reviewed on demand.

Eliminates Time Spent Compiling Reports
Reports are compiled and generated in seconds. Standard reports can be set to print automatically each time a reader is downloaded, or custom reports can be generated simply by changing software parameters.

Reduces Overtime
The time your officers save documenting inspections can be spent doing projects that may have required overtime work in the past.

Based on Reduced Liability Exposure

Alerts You to Incidents
On a detailed report, DigiTool Watchman Clock automatically highlights all incidents that require follow-up action.

Reduces Clerical Errors
DigiTool Watchman Clock significantly reduces the chance of errors in data entry and filing. Clerical errors can be costly when the records that document your department's proper handling of an incident is unavailable or inaccurate.

Reduces Exposure to Lawsuits
When you reduce errors and improve accountability, you reduce exposure to lawsuits. If a lawsuit should arise, accurate record keeping will be essential to prove due diligence.

Based On Reduced Insurance Rates

May Reduce Insurance Premiums
Many facilities have enjoyed a reduction in their insurance rates based on their use of DigiTool Watchman Clock. You will want to speak with your insurance representative about a possible reduction in your rates.




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